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Radiators Live at Mapleleaf Club - Acoustic on 1985-11-08

Disk 1: Set 1
1. Let the Four Winds Blow
2. Corina
3. Keep on Boppin' that Shine
4. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
5. C'est la Vie
6. Tiger
7. Let it Bleed
8. Jersey Girl
9. That's All Right Mama
10. Between Two Fires
11. Last Getaway
12. Little Sadie

Disk 2: Set 2
1. Honey Don't
2. River Run
3. Wild Horses
4. Lost What They Had
5. Lucinda
6. (pause)
7. Cuckoo
8. Dixie Chicken ->
9. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
10. Brown Eyed Girl

Disk 3: Set 3
1. Little Sister
2. Love is a Tangle
3. House of the Rising Sun
4. I Fall to Pieces
5. Honkey Tonk Women
6. Straight Eight
7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre ->
8. Magnificent Seven ->
9. Cissy Strut
10. Hesitation Blues
11. Not Fade Away ->
12. Mona ->
13. Hey Bo Diddley ->
14. Not Fade Away
15. Dead Flowers ->
16. Soul Kitchen

Collection Radiators
Band/Artist Radiators
Date November 8, 1985
Venue Mapleleaf Club - Acoustic
Location New Orleans, LA

Source SBD > Cassette
Lineage Cassette > Cassette > PC > Cool Edit > mkwACT > sox+emacs (SBE/gap fix) > flac
Transferred by Karl Schmidtmann/Chris Waters


All-acoustic show.

Note: Picture in attached PDF CD Jewel Case art is of Tommy Quinlan inside the Mapleleaf. Ed calls out his congratulations during the show on his marriage to Charlene.

Cass-> Final Shorten Compression & Upload by Karl Schmidtmann.

Inter-track gaps removed, sector boundary errors (SBEs) fixed, flac conversion and .txt file editing by Chris Waters (xtifr AT speakeasy DOT net).

In response to one of the reviews, I thought I should explain the final cleanup a little more. This show, when I got it, had TAO followed by a bad extraction in its ancestry. I removed all the TAO two-second gaps, but there was only so much I could do with the track boundaries, which were messed up beyond repair by the bad extraction. There are no SBEs, but it does sound a little funky between tracks sometimes. Still, that's almost entirely in the inbetween-songs portion. Really, it's not a big deal. It would be nice if a better source for this show turned up, but in the mean time, this one is, IMO, very much good enough.


Reviewer: Dukie_M - - December 7, 2014
Subject: So very good.
I don't exactly regret the music I was listening to in November of 1985, but I wish I'd known this was happening somewhere, too!
Reviewer: Jimbeaux D - - December 3, 2014
Subject: I forgot the Rads covered Jersey Girl.
They knock it out of the park with this version. This show includes my favorite statement: Stick around, 2 more sets to go. That makes for a very late night in New Orleans. A bicycle ride across town to get to the show, dancing for hours and then the long bike ride home. Thank goodness it was 4:00 am by time I got back to Bayou St.John. When I had a encounter with a vampire on the Cabrini bridge, he had already fed. Tired as I was, I was so struck with otherworldly fear that I stood up in my stirrups and sprinted the entire length of Grand Rte St.John all the time worried that I would be carried off. Scary,one encounter is enough.
Reviewer: njpg - - November 9, 2014
Subject: -
Clearly brilliant, for anyone who knows of this band and so much as sees the setlist.
Reviewer: achipar - - November 23, 2007
Subject: is homeland security watching but 87 stars
why waz all Eddie and Dave's cursing about Chainsaw and NFA edited out or cut or deleted . . . .?
Tape I got has it all
Must be the AM version
Reviewer: Eppykid - - December 6, 2006
Subject: Classic
This show is what the Rads are all about. Down home greasy swampy acoustic jamming.
Reviewer: toulousest - - November 3, 2006
Subject: splendid show
With the acoustic instruments and the tiny setting of the Maple Leaf, you can really hear the guys working together as a band, one instrument building off the other. They were having fun, taking chances and the music has depth. This is a fine recording.
Reviewer: Agnes Steck - - October 24, 2006
Subject: Great show...strange edits
Was at the "Spleaf" for this show, as Tulanians called this venue. The boys shredded acoutica
like no one's business as usual. Have had tapes of this show for 20 years, & I notice that curse words and other "between song moments" have been edited out. IE - After the "Chainsaw Medley" when WE the crowd went ape5h1t, Zeke exclaimed "so we f*ckin' played it, so what?..." In this here version: the "f*ckin" is gone, DROPPED, if you will (hence my use of the asterisk)...'sup with that? Anyhoo, 4.5 STAR set by the ever smokin' Radiators. As a
NOLA resident from 82-88, I think that the mid-80s era w/Glenn Sears percolatin' on handperx am
the SHNIZZLE sound for this group. Tho, I still see 'em here in Austin @ Antones when they come and their new digital sound is crisper: they were gritty, dirtier and HARDER in their wily youth. Ease up on the ECHO in the mix, guys.
They ARE too stupid to stop: Long live the RADS!
Reviewer: Dub Irie - - January 4, 2006
Subject: Excellent recording - great listening
This is a gem. Nice sounding tape made from a really solid acoustic show.
Reviewer: Notty - - June 17, 2005
Subject: WOW!
if you haven't heard this band, start with this won't be sorry.
Reviewer: wherra - - February 14, 2005
Subject: great show with some faults
The tracks are not really DAO. There are small gaps round about the end of the tracks. Looks to me like sector boundary errors (which shouldn't be there regarding the text that comes with the files).
But a great show indeed
Reviewer: bobbyqking - - June 16, 2004
Subject: Are You Kidding?
After being sort of bored with the Rads for more than a few years now, I caught some lightning in a bottle with them in NO during the first week of Jazzfest '04. Their show at the Hangar / Rendon at the end of April cooked, and it renewed my enthusiasm for fish-head music. So I went searchin' & look what I found - this acoustic show is simply stunning! It is a "must-have" by any definition - there's a review for ya!
Reviewer: xtifr - - October 7, 2003
Subject: hot acoustic show
This amazing early all-acoustic show proves that the Radiators don't need fancy electronics to rock the house! A playful first set, a beautiful second set, and an absolutely shredding third. Highlights include a completely original arrangement of the classic House of the Rising Sun (the first version I've heard in years that didn't bore me), a stunning instrumental section beginning with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a powerful and moving version of the Door's Soul Kitchen to finish the show. This show is a must-have in my opinion.
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